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Energy efficient homes are good for the environment

Energy Wise, Quality Built!

At ICI Homes we take great pride in keeping pace with the technological advances of the present, while preserving the craftsmanship and building traditions of the past.Owning an ICI EQ FACTOR home not only provides better air quality and a healthier living environment for you and your family, it also increases your comfort level while dramatically lowering your monthly energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint.


Not only is that a great investment, it’s peace of mind. We invite you to take a look at the Top Twenty Reasons to Buy an ICI Home, because you will find that, “It’s what’s behind the walls that really counts.”


ICI Homes Energy-Wise Features

  • HERS RESNET Certified: Twice during construction, each home is inspected by Skyetec, a third party energy rating service who verifies that the home meets RESNET standards. Once construction is complete, findings are sent to the Florida Solar Energy Center, a RESNET Accredited Rating Provider, who officially certifies results.
  • Tighter Building Envelope: Using advanced framing techniques and upgraded insulation, sealing A/C vents to drywall and ducting bathroom exhaust fans to the outside are just a few of the ways to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Up to 16-SEER HVAC System: Each system is carefully sized and installed to distribute even temperatures throughout the home and remove humidity which can save more than $1,200 in operating costs over its lifespan.
  • High Performance Windows and Glass Doors: Low-E insulated glass deflects radiant heat (U/V) and helps protect fabrics, leather, carpeting, artwork and finishes from the fading effects of sunlight.
  • Hybrid Electric Water Heater: Innovative heat pump technology and choice of operating modes provide a more efficient way to heat water while giving off cooler dehumidified air as a by-product, cutting operating costs by more than half.
  • Energy Star Appliances: Energy Star appliances use less energy, save money, & help protect the environment, without sacrificing performance, features, and comfort.
  • Programmable Thermostats: Saves money by allowing user to adjust cycle on and off times and daily temperature changes according to a pre-set schedule.
  • Earth-Friendly Carpet/Paint: Healthy indoor air quality is enhanced by using materials that emit low or zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). All ICI carpet choices are made from 100% recyclable fibers and designated “Green Label Plus” through the Carpet and Rug Institute.
  • Water Conserving Fixtures: To ensure better performance than conventional fixtures, all faucets and shower heads include regulators. In addition, low flow toilets are installed.
  • Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL): CFLs are installed throughout each home. Just one bulb saves more than $30 over its life because it uses 75% less energy than an incandescent light bulb.


ICI Homes Quality-Built Features

  • More Wood Behind the Walls: ICI interior walls have more support providing flexibility for hanging artwork or constructing sturdy shelving. They are built 16” on center, not the standard 24” like other builders.
  • Solid Built Foundation: The 3000 psi concrete mix used in the slab is further strengthened with fiber mesh.
  • Added Water Intrusion Protection: The exterior of the home from the windows to the stucco application is designed to handle Florida’s wet weather.
  • Stronger Stucco Application: ICI’s three coat stucco application includes fiber mesh in base coats along with expansion joints and weep screeds to help control cracking.
  • Superior Window Installation: The installation of every window is carefully thought out and monitored, for both masonry and wood openings. ICI’s sound design with the right building components keeps the rain where it belongs.
  • Quality Exterior Door Construction: Rot resistant jamb material is utilized on ICI’s exterior doors , reducing homeowner maintenance down the road.
  • High-Performance Sub Flooring: Sub – flooring material not only provides a quality foundation for your finished floor; it is specifically designed to handle exposure to weather while the home is being built.
  • Proactive Customer Care: ICI Homes enjoys a 94% satisfaction rating from its customers because the team goes the extra mile from contract to closing and beyond. Communication milestones during construction include a pre-construction consult and two construction walks with your builder. Each home is engineered and certified to meet and/or exceed state wind engineering codes and includes a 1/2/10 homeowner warranty.
  • Better-Built Balconies and Decks: Engineered to divert water away from the home, high quality decking materials and better flashing/sealing process for walls, doors, and railings.
  • Top Rated Partners: ICI Homes partners with only the most trusted and recognized new home suppliers.

*some features only available in select communities


ICI Homes offers a number of other energy saving and quality built features that you may want to include in your new home, just ask your sales representative for a full list.


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