Caring For Your ICI Home

Five Easy Steps to Owning Your ICI Home

You’re finally moved into your new ICI Home. Great customer satisfaction does not end at closing, but continues after you have settled into your new home and ICI Homes’ warranty team will be there for you every step of the way, working to make sure your home is in perfect working order, so how does all this work?

Step 1: Organize Your Documents

It is important to gather all your closing documents together and tuck them safely away for easy future reference. Your closing statement, termite guarantee, final survey, certificate of occupancy, subcontractor contact information, warranty forms and your HBW 2-10 Warranty application form were all included. You will refer to it often in the initial weeks after move-in.

Step 2: Complete Your Forms

How important is this? It’s very important. If you haven’t filled out your manufacturers’ warranty registration cards, get that done because it triggers the products specific warranty that may extend your coverage beyond the first year, and then stash those manuals in a safe place. Also, you received a sample 2-10 HBW Booklet at the time of purchase. If you haven’t already done so, take the time to review it now so you know what is and isn’t covered. Fill out the HBW application form and send it in. Whether you take occupancy or not, your HBW warranty begins on the day of closing.

Step 3: Start Your Punch List

The ICI Homes Warranty Team is your primary contact for any questions about your home and warranty, and to request additional service that may be required after you move in. There may be a few items left on the pre-close punch list that will need to be scheduled for repair. In addition, there are always a few things that you will find only after you have lived in your new home for several days or weeks. You will need to grab that warranty form you stashed with your closing documents, fill it out and send it in. If you group your requests together, they will be processed in a more timely fashion and the work can be scheduled with a minimum of disruption to your daily life.

Step 4: Tell Us What You Think

Your complete satisfaction is the number one goal at ICI Homes. One of the best ways for you to communicate your satisfaction and yes, your dissatisfaction if any, is to take ten minutes to take the satisfaction survey when our 3rd party research firm calls you 30-45 days after closing. You will be called a second time about five months later and a final time just before the one year mark. This gives you three opportunities to speak your mind and let us know what you think and gives ICI Homes three opportunities to improve our customers’ experience. Whether it’s to acknowledge someone who did a great job for you, relate a process that drove you crazy, or tell us about the quality of the subcontractors, the products, overall design and workmanship, your good and honest opinion is worth its weight in gold.

Step 5: Get Your Maintenance Schedule Going

Neglect of routine maintenance can void applicable limited warranty coverage on all or part of your home, so you will want to set up a maintenance schedule and stick to it! Many times a minor adjustment or repairs preformed immediately can save a more serious, time-consuming and sometimes costly repair later. The ICI Homes Warranty Team can furnish you with a ICI Home Systems Maintenance Guide that will answer the most commonly asked questions to the Warranty Team and spell out the proper care and suggested maintenance in detail for every major system in your new home including the heat/air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, flooring, insulation, windows and doors, landscaping, ventilation, cabinetry, appliances and more. Performing the necessary maintenance on your new home will protect your investment and enable you to enjoy your new home for years to come.