Building Your ICI Home

Four Easy Steps to Building Your ICI Home

OK, this will seem like the longest part of the process because you see nothing happening on your home site for weeks, and of course it seems like months. But there is a lot happening behind the scenes. So, what IS happening?

Well, important things are being completed like energy calculations, roof truss design, finalizing your selections, cutting all the hundred pages of work orders, scheduling the trades, and working with the city and county municipalities to obtain your building permit. So hang in there…

Step 1: Meet Your Builder, Pre-Construction Time

Once the permit has been received, the “START” package is released to your ICI homebuilder. This package includes the permit, survey showing your home on the lot, color selections, plans and the entire set of purchase orders that inform the builder which suppliers and subcontractors will provide labor and materials for your home.

From there, the builder designs the work schedule and contacts you to set up the Pre-Construction meeting to confirm your selections, verify the orientation of the home on the proposed house survey and answer specific questions you may have about the actual construction process. It’s a good idea to take some time to think about questions ahead of time and come prepared with a list so you’re comfortable with your builder and the exciting process that’s about to begin. If you cannot attend your construction meetings, make sure to line up a substitute.

Step 2: Watch Your Progress, Essential Communication

Build time will vary depending on the location, size and complexity of the home you have ordered. From the time the slab is poured to the issue of your CO (certificate of occupancy) typically takes between sixteen and thirty-six weeks. Periodically, you’ll be asked to attend construction meetings. These meetings will take place during normal weekday business hours, and your attendance is highly recommended. If you have authorized someone to act on your behalf at the time of contract due to your inability to attend the meetings, your builder will schedule such a meeting with your representative.

Step 3: Make Your Notes, Progress Walk

A mid-construction walk between you and your Builder will occur after construction is well underway, but prior to insulation and drywall.  This review will familiarize you with what goes on “behind the walls”.  During this meeting, you will go through the home to ensure that the standard features and options selected are included. This is another excellent opportunity for you to get answers to most of your construction-related questions.

Step 4: Do Your Final Walk-Through, Home Orientation

Approximately two weeks prior to closing, your builder will contact you to arrange the Final Walk-Through and Orientation which will occur after your home is complete, usually one to three days prior to closing. Your builder will walk you through the many features of your new home, familiarize you with the proper operation of the home’s equipment and review the maintenance requirements. This is your chance to go through your new home thoroughly. Ask questions! Make sure all items of concern are noted in writing on the Walk-Through form so they can be addressed as quickly as possible.

This is important so take your time. Finally, you are on the home stretch! Your builder will be attending to the items noted at the Walk-Through and coordinating all the final touches. The builder’s highest priority is making sure that your new home is complete, clean and ready for your move-in day.